Top Three Basement waterproofing Methods

Top Three Basement waterproofing Methods

There is nothing much worse than a wet basement for a homeowner. A thing that appears to be a small puddle or a tiny trickle might be the warning sign of a bigger problem. Moisture in the basement might lead to a wide range of time-consuming and costly repairs.  Starting from toxic mold to structural damage, water in the basement might be a serious problem.  Thus, it is important to keep your basement dry by using Basement waterproofing Toronto methods. You need to prevent moisture from seeping in.

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What Leads to Basement Moisture?

In order to understand how to keep the basement dry, you need to a thorough understanding of what actually cause moisture to occur in the basement.  Quite unluckily for the homeowners, water has a tendency to find its way into the house. It is because unique nature of construction and nature of the basement, these places might be a bit prone to wetness.

Take a look at some of main cause of basement moisture and why you need Basement waterproofing Toronto.

Improper Drainage and Soil System                                                                                          

In case rain and ground and rain water does not drain away properly then it might make its way into the basement. Poor drainage system and improper soil are one of the primary causes of basement wetness. If you do not direct away the water from home, it is going to accumulate around the foundation where it is going to try to find its way inside.

Poorly Maintained and Installed Gutters

Gutters are made for directing rainwater away from the foundation. In case they are improperly installed, water will drain around the foundation instead of away from it.

Improper Slope

The ground around the foundation of your house should slope away and not towards it.  In case the slope is wrong, water will keep on accumulating on the foundation instead of running away from it.

Cracks in the Basement

Cracks in the basement wall, around the windows, and floors provide the adequate avenue. Water will be able to low through this.  Water is going to flow through the path of resistance and cracks are going to make it easier for the water to come inside and you will have to opt for Basement waterproofing Toronto.

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Top 3 Basement waterproofing Toronto Methods

Now that you know what causes basement moisture, take a look at what you can do to prevent it.


You can take this step to keep water out of your basement from inside.  This method can be used if the existing problem has already been identified.  This might include coating and sealants, along with methods to prevent condensation.


This is a method that takes place that the exterior portion of the house.  The primary aim of this water is to block water from making its way inside.  This might include exterior drainage system and coating the exterior portion of the wall.


Drainage problems are one of the common causes leading to basement moisture. This method might include an inadequately functioning drainage system or make a drainage system if one is not in place.

Keep in mind that each situation is different and you should have a good understanding of the problems of waterproofing at your home.  A good Basement waterproofing Toronto system is going to use these three methods.